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Dustin Davidson
Managing Partner, Creation

More about Dustin...

Everyday events are cinematically filtered through Dustin’s mind like action/adventure epics, emotional tearjerkers, and cheesy 80’s montages. He can help take a vision from the fragmented, scatter-brained stage all the way to its beautiful finished form and has demonstrated this with local, regional, and national clients for the last several years.

Grasping the value of internet video and social media, Dustin built his first successful production company from scratch, pitching YouTube video strategy to small and large companies nationwide.

When he’s not creating he is hanging out with his new baby girl, Stella, going for walks with his beloved bulldog, Ruby, checking out the latest live music, collecting soundtracks on vinyl, golfing, plucking his guitar, or working in the garage.

Johanna Boone
Executive Producer

More about Johanna...

Johanna started her career in manufacturing as an engineer and a manager. A request to attend a trade show introduced her to the world of marketing and from there to advertising. With more than 12 years of experience in marketing and advertising her clients have included GE Aviation, Zeon Chemicals, GE Appliances, Lennox, The Housing Partnership, Louisville Institute, Myrtle Collaboration and FirstBuild, among others.

With experience across multiple industries, both for profit and nonprofit, she is happiest when meeting new people, learning new industries and helping them tell their stories.

She is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. 

When she is not strategizing, planning or creating content, Johanna is spending her time practicing yoga, trying new bourbons or hiking with her husband and English Shepherd.

Isaac Schrader
Associate Producer

More about Isaac...

A former Sous Chef, Isaac brings the dedication and attention to detail from the restaurant world to his video work. He has produced content for TV stations, local bands, opera singers, and his own live music blog.

He is a graduate from the Hutton Honors College at Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications.

Ever the foodie, Isaac is exploring his new city with gusto. When he’s not stuffing himself at a local eatery, he cooks, watches basketball, plays guitar, and collects basketball cards like a grandpa.

Brennan Clark

More about Brennan...

Cinematographer, editor, master of the image.  The DaVinci of our team.  You can generally find Brennan discussing how to squeeze out the most resolution and dynamic range for every project.  Always using his imaginative and thoughtful approach to every shot.

Over the years, he has worked for such clients like Papa John’s, Aquafresh, Habitat for Humanity, Supplies over Seas, and more.  And, has competed in three 48-Hour film festivals, winning each time.

In his spare time, Brennan enjoys watching South Park, listening to Primus, and working on his next feature film project.

Tommy Nolan
Managing Partner, Production

More about Tommy...

An AM radio disc jockey at age twelve. Filming stock car races and selling the VHS cassettes to race fans at age thirteen. Shooting sports photography for the local paper at age fourteen.  To this day, Tommy credits those early years that helped shape his career.

He spent six-years in New York City developing his first brand and working with such clients as L’Oreal, Lancome, Visa, Duke University, Proctor & Gamble, WebMD, Estee Lauder, NFL, Bone Marrow Foundation, Allure, Glamour, and more.

Now that Tommy calls Louisville home again, he enjoys cheering on the Louisville Cardinals, snowboarding, tennis, golf, and traveling.  He also proudly serves on the University of Louisville Alumni Board of Directors.

Jason Latta
Director, Emerging Technologies

More about Jason...

All his life, Jason Latta has been fascinated by what’s next in digital storytelling. Part fine artist, part tech geek and part futurist, he’s made a career of helping companies bring brands to life and stay ahead of every curve, even amid constantly-changing rules of engagement. Jason’s can-do attitude is invigorating, as is his belief that nothing is impossible. When you work with him, you’ll see new possibility in every project and every customer relationship.

After pursuing Time-Based Media Studies at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Jason decided to create his own space between technology and content. A self-taught coder, he became lead developer at two Silicon Valley startups. This experience not only fueled his desire to explore, create and deliver in new and uncharted ground, it also gave him a keen appreciation for deadlines and deliverables.  And as the former Director of Emerging Technologies for the largest ad agency in the region, he’s helped Fortune 100 companies redefine what content and tech can do when properly aligned.

Karissa Dingus
Associate Creative Director

More about Karissa...

Karissa is super excited to join the Vidionix team where she can utilize her diverse set of skills. She thrives on being handed complex ideas and breaking them down into uncomplicated, user-focused experiences across a wide spectrum of media. She loves to craft those experiences by balancing business needs with user objectives.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 3D animation. Karissa views the world through VR-colored glasses and believes that technology can revolutionize how people learn, communicate and create.

Nick Beckman
Production Assistant

More about Nick...

Nick is a recent graduate of Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a BA in TV/Film Production. While out west, Nick worked on over 50 short films and produced more than 20 of his own films, including a fictional web series he wrote and directed. He excels in editing, writing, and camera operation.

Aside from video, Nick enjoys cooking meats, playing with dirt, watching documentaries and playing samba obnoxiously loud. He is usually seen wearing a Louisville Cardinals snapback.

Dominick Fitzgerald
Director, Live Events

More about Dom...

Dom spent six years with University of Louisville Athletics as Game Producer & Director for Football and Men’s Basketball. He also worked with the university five years prior as part of Nelligan Sports Marketing (now Learfield).  He has extensive live production experience, digital content creation, and client success management.

He is a 2007 graduate of the University of Louisville with a BA in Sports Administration.  A fan of all sports, but following all things Louisville Cardinals is what Dom enjoys most. You can also routinely spot him near the studio vinyl collection – keeping the jams going all day.

Jonathon Bartley
Director, Business Development

More about Jonathon...

Jonathon has been working in local media for nearly 15yrs, including 9yrs at LEO and 2yrs at Insider Louisville. His passion for his job comes from a genuine desire to help others succeed. “When local businesses grow and succeed, the whole community benefits”.

He is constantly curious and excited to learn more about the people and businesses that are pushing Louisville to it’s next heights. “This community fosters and affords business owners and entrepreneurs to be locally minded AND globally ambitious.”

When he’s not following leads, meeting with clients, or networking you can find Jonathon scooting around town one of his vintage scooters, at a concert, or at the ballpark supporting his son and daughter Townes and Lucia.

Austin Sheehan
Lead Editor

More about Austin...

Coming soon….

Official Mascot

More about Ruby...

At seventy pounds of awesome, Ruby takes her role of Official Vidionix Mascot/Greeter/Playmate very seriously.  A born diva, she doesn’t ask for attention, she demands it.  She’s sweeter than Tupelo honey and lives to put smiles on people’s faces.

Stop in and see her anytime….she already loves you and is waiting for her next belly rub. Ruby loves chasing squirrels, taking walks, napping and playing tug-of-war.

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