Events are DAMN hard.

Like juggling while riding a unicycle on a tightrope hard.
Let Vidionix do the juggling for you.

Event Enhancers 

We’ve created broadcast-styled red carpet shows.  Connected multiple cities via Satellite.  Created compelling motion graphics and content for LED walls and super-wide format projection.  And streamed HD video to thousands of viewers across the globe.


Project Management

– Lead liaison between A/V company, property, vendors, and client
– Manage all technical, logistics, and labor


– Concept, visualize, and design with the client
– Develop screen content, video, and custom display solutions
– Onsite cinematography, editing, and delivery
– TV-style broadcast and web streaming solutions
– Help set initial parameters and design for A/V bid process

A/V Partner Selection

– RFP Procurement
– Detailed A/V comparison
– Recommended A/V partner

Event Direction

– Run of Show development
– Show direction, producers, technical staff
– Event Music Management

Let’s get to work!

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