When it comes to hosting a successful event, audience engagement is key. This is especially true for planning hybrid events – events with a mix of both live and virtual elements. After all, no one wants to attend an event just to be talked at. But keeping your audience engaged is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best audience engagement tips to implement into your next virtual or hybrid event. Check them out! 

How to Engage Hybrid Events Audiences 

  1. Keep your content specific and concise 

Content is your event’s main draw. Your audience is tuning in to hear what your speakers have to say, and it better be good. The best way to keep the audience’s attention is to share content regarding a specific niche, as overly general content won’t be seen as informative or helpful. Remember, your audience is made up of professionals looking for information that can help them move forward in their industry. Your content must be tailored to them.  

On the other hand, you don’t want to bore your audience with an unbearably long or redundant presentation. Keep the content short and concise yet still informative. Tell them what they need to know and leave out everything they don’t. Sticking to a script can help you estimate the length of each presentation and keep presenters from getting sidetracked. 

  1. Implement networking 

Make sure the content you present sticks with your audience by giving them the opportunity to discuss it further amongst each other. These conversations can foster bonds and memories that your attendees will forever associate with your event. Event planners can also use the networking aspect as an additional incentive for your target audience to attend.  

If your event is sponsored, use networking as a tool to increase your event’s ROI. Arrange for your sponsors to host product demonstrations or interviews. Not only is this a great way to boost your audience engagement, but it also brings potential new business to your sponsor – a win-win situation all around. 

  1. Interact with your audience 

Initiating interaction throughout the event via questions, polls, or trivia games that your audience can participate in will no doubt keep them on their toes. Just be sure to not overdo it and include content that is relevant to the overall theme of your event. You can also encourage the audience to share their experience in social media and interact with them that way by sharing, liking, or commenting on their posts – this will also help your online audience feel seen. 

  1. Keep it light and fun 

Between presentations or demos, keep the energy high with some light entertainment. Have your event host crack a few mild jokes here and there. Share some exciting industry news or announcements. Take the time to thank your audience for attending. These small gestures can help make attendees feel welcomed and included. 

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Tips to Spice Up Your Hybrid Event 

  1. Introduce some competition 

Get the blood pumping with some good old competition. Play trivia games during breaks and offer small prizes to each of your winners.  

  1. Encourage breaks and happy hours 

Schedule breaks to make sure your attendees retain your content and avoid burnout. Have your virtual host conduct a happy hour with your online audience and encourage them to stretch, move around, unwind to feel refreshed for the next part of the event. 

  1. Aftershow interviews 

Give your audience a little something extra by interviewing your presenters or sponsors with questions asked by attendees. This can become great content to share on social media as well.  

  1. Live Tweet the event 

Keep your online audience engaged and make those who chose not to attend envious by Tweeting about the event in real-time. Be careful so as to not overdo it and lose followers in the process. Focus on sharing the highlights and content shared by attendees. 

  1. Give your online audience a way to participate 

Don’t forget about your online audience! Put as much attention and detail into your virtual event platform as you do your live event. Provide features that allow your online audience to engage with your content, host, and each other such as a chat room and or virtual whiteboard. 

Now that you know how to boost audience engagement, it’s time to put your knowledge to good use by planning a hybrid event. Learn more about how to get started on our blog!

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