Project Details

Mike Dahl, CEO of Mobile Initiative discovered a void in the mobile marketplace: manufacturing custom mobile devices at a fraction of the cost.  Mobile Initiative first launched its custom phones to fleet companies and high volume carriers, but soon found demand in the consumer space as well.  Introducing the Ethos.  A high-powered Android device with no contracts, works with any carrier, and is only $179.  Game changer, right?

For this piece, Mobile Initiative and BoxCar relied upon the creative team at Vidionix for this product launch.  From script to screen our team procured talent, copyrighting, hair/makeup, and location scouting in addition to our production and post-production services.  Check out the :60 spot below.

Project Specs

Fall 2018

Vidionix + Boxcar


Sony FS7
Sony FS5


Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Davinci Resolve

Production Days

Hours in Post-Production

Let’s get to work!

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