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Virtual & Hybrid

The cost of a video depends on several variables, including:
-Complexity of the creative approach
-Number of shooting days
-Size of the crew required
-Equipment package
-Turnaround time
-Duration of the video
-Graphics (animation, 3D, etc.)

If scope changes, there will be change orders. Every charge should be outlined from the beginning in the SOW along with a tentative workback schedule.

Vidionix offers script-to-screen video production for live action, animated and virtual and hybrid events.
Corporate Culture Video
Marketing Campaign Videos
Product Launch
Product Demos
Social Media Shorts
Animated Explainer
Event Opener
Event Highlight Reel
Customer Testimonial
Trade Show Loop
Event Live Streaming

Creative Concepting
Script Writing
Art Direction
Location Scouting
Production Coordination
Hair and makeup
Professional Voice Over Recording and Editing
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Animation 2D and 3D
Audio Mixing
Sound Design
Color Correction

Yes, we also have a network of crews on which we frequently collaborate with to get things done in just about any city in the world.

We’ve provided our services to several industries, including Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Food and Beverage, Athletics and Manufacturing.

The client owns the footage.

We encourage our clients to get as involved as they want to get. Typically, we hold an in-person meeting or ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire to help us understand the project requirements. Once that step is complete, you can have as much or as little input into the scripting, filming and editing as you’d like. Regardless of what our clients prefer, we always ensure they are informed at every step of the process.

Yes, we have a studio at our headquarters in Jeffersonville, IN (right across the bridge from downtown Louisville). The studio is 40”x50” and is accessible by the street.

Yes, we rent our studio space.

We do not shoot weddings, however, we work with several video production companies that specialize in this area and would be happy to connect you with them.

Yes, we can provide this footage but there are additional fees for storage and transferring time.

We currently have 10 full-time employees. However, because most of our work is project-based, we work with several freelancers and contractors when we need to scale for larger projects.

Just like the cost of a video, the answer for the timeframe of producing a video from start to finish is the same: it depends on several factors.
Typically, to produce a two-minute live-action video that includes interviews, b-roll (video supporting the narrative), and motion graphics text, the time to completion is four to eight weeks.

There are a lot of great video production companies out there who do excellent work. Our philosophy has always been to control what we can control, do what we say we’re going to do, and deliver a next level experience to our clients. If we do have one differentiator that sets us apart from most of the competition, it’s that we were producing virtual and hybrid events well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Having this experience under our belt before the pandemic was a blessing for Vidionix.

If you’re still curious about why you should hire Vidionix, don’t just take our word for it. Here is a link to our testimonials page where you can hear straight from our customers.

Yes, upon request. Our scriptwriting services are $199/hour.

Yes, however we can assist with this. Depending on the rights and where the media will be placed, certain licensing must be paid for by the client.

Yes, upon request or if necessary.

Yes, by default we bring lights and backdrops to most shoots.

Yes. 50% on signing SOW, 50% upon completion

Credit card, bank transfer or a good old-fashioned check will do.

Over the years, we’ve been blessed to work in a variety of industries, but our most of our current clients are in the following industries: Healthcare, spirits, insurance, finance, technology, education, sports, and hospitality. If you’d like to see a sample of some of our work, please click here.

Virtual events are when everyone attends online, while hybrid events are a combination of live events and virtual events, where some people attend (or present) in person and others attend online. An NFL football game would theoretically be considered a hybrid event.

Every event is different, so the cost to host a hybrid event depends on several variables, such as:

  • How many days will the event last?
  • Will the event need to be live streamed?
  • How many presenters and attendees?

If you’re considering hosting a hybrid event but aren’t sure what to expect in terms of cost, check out our price calculator tool to get a ballpark estimate.

We’re living in a hybrid world, we just might not have known it. When thinking about the technologies we interact with every day (Peloton, Tesla, etc.), our daily lives are a constant blend of digital and physical, so why not embrace it?


We designed VXP to deliver a more personalized experience for everyone involved — from event managers to participants, speakers and exhibitors. VXP was built from the ground up to provide immersive in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Here are just a few of the many advantages of VXP.

Management Features:
-Ticketing and registration
-Multi-event platform (pp functionality is available on Desktop, Native Mobile apps (iOS, Android, BB10 and WindowsPhone), mobile web, tablets and onsite big screens.)
-Event Website Builder
-Event App
-Contacts Management
-Networking Tools
-Polls and Surveys
-Analytics (dashboards and reports to measure results)
-Onsite Check-in
-Smart Contacts Management (CRM)

– Email Marketing & Communication
– Email Templates
– Promo Codes and Tracking Links
– Event Website Builder
– Social Media Integration
– Sponsorship Opportunities

– Event App (iOS, Android, Web)
– Networking Community
– Live Polling & Surveys
– Agenda & Speakers on Web and Mobile
– Real-Time Push Notifications
– Social Media Buzz
– Social Share Analytics
– Sponsor/Exhibitor Rich Profiles

– All-In-One Dashboard
– Advanced Reports
– Engagement Analytics
– Event App Analytics

Since the VXP launch in early 2022, the only negative feedback we’ve received from our current customers are:
-It includes too many options which can be overwhelming for some users.
-VXP does not integrate with other event planning tools.

Most companies struggle to deliver meaningful hybrid and virtual experiences. Too often, attendees are left with a generic experience that leaves them feeling disconnected. And while CMOs agree on the importance of events, they’ve got no way to measure the results.

If you’re wanting to calculate the ROI, you’ll want to begin with calculating the cost of hosting the event. This includes all expenses such as the cost of the virtual event platform, booking keynote speakers, employee/contractors time setting up or creating content, equipment or venue rental (for hybrid), and so on.

Then, you’ll want to measure your results in both quantitatively and qualitatively. For example, a quantitative result could be total revenue generated. Qualitative measurement is not as easy to measure, but it could be measured by surveys, brand recognition or how many new partnerships your organization formed as a result of hosting the event.

Next, compare the costs to the results achieved. Imagine your event cost $5,000 to produce and helped you acquire 100 new leads. Based on previous results, you know that roughly 40% of your leads will turn into paying customers. So, in a nutshell, you paid $5,000 for 40 new customers. As long as your company will profit $250 or more per paying customer, your virtual event produced a positive ROI.

Always keep in mind that ROI should be measured at different stages. In most industries, the revenue is not generated overnight. We typically recommend setting up gauges to track results on 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month marks. More often than not, if you’re patient, the ROI you generate will be well worth the effort.

One could argue that calculating the ROI for virtual/hybrid events is easier than in-person events because technology can provide deeper insights into your target audience (ex. find out which sessions were most popular, how much interaction took place, etc.).

Technical difficulties happen, and Vidionix has a plan in place for when these moments happen. Depending on the issue, Vidionix will respond appropriately to solve the issue to minimize the impact for the attendees, speakers and event organizers

With the VXP platform, the number of people who can attend an event is unlimited.

Vidionix will take lead in this matter to make sure the client is fully aware of what they need to provide to ensure the event happens without a hitch.

In general, Vidionix does not, however, have partners who can help promote the event effectively.

We have a customizable registration flow that is built into VXP. Once we know the information, people can register via the platform on the registration page.

Yes, VXP has a payment portal that can integrate with your existing payment system or we can handle it through VXP at a 3.5% charge per transaction.

For tickets, each registrant will be generated a ticket or the event or sessions they sign up for, but all the user needs to do is simply sign in with their email

We have a couple ways to keep unwanted guests out. 1) is to activate SSO. 2) is to monitor the registrants as access can be revoked at any time. The system will also only let one user in at a time, to prevent users from sharing their log-in information.

No, the platform works on all major browsers. If they are using the mobile app, which is available in the Apple and Google play stores.

No, the platform works on all major browsers.

They interact through the engagement tools embedded in the platform and 3rd party applications like Slido. There are also 1 on 1 meetings that can coordinated via the platform.

Only if they are presenting or participating in breakout meetings.

Whether you’re planning a simple, single-track meeting or a more complex event with multiple tracks across several days, Vidionix has you covered. We also offer robust features including captions, subtitles, and more to make virtual events inclusive and accessible for everyone.