Events are really DAMN hard.

We bring your vision to life, from content creation and event branding to A/V management and technical logistics, and connecting all the dots in between.


Vidionix is a team of digital experience creators, producers, and marketers dedicated to building brands and next-level events.

Video Production


Our work can been seen across the internet, broadcast TV, or inside Fortune 500 companies.
• Brand Identity
• Products & Services
• Corporate Communication

• Promotional
• Events

Video Strategy


We help clients take the guess work out of events and make the ordinary into extraordinary.
• Live Event Production
• Multi & Superwide Screens
• A/V procurement

• Live Streaming
• Event Activation

Visual Experience


Our clients depend on us to engage their audiences using the latest technology
• Virtual Reality
• Augmented Reality
• 360 Video
• Interactive Displays
• Trade Shows

Creative. Innovative. Caffeinated.

From script to screen, our veteran team of video experts is ready to deliver award-winning work on-time and on-budget.

Trusted by brands, networks, corporations, and people just like you.

What our clients are saying...

“I chose to work with Vidionix because they are cutting edge.”

Ronee Baxter
University of Louisville Athletics

“Vidionix finds a way to exceed our expectations every time.”

Bonni Rice

“Vidionix has been an amazing partner. Feels like an extension of our company.”

John Ruby
Athletx Sports Group

“Vidionix brought both worlds to the table.  Creativity and marketing expertise.”

Steve Knight
Actor’s Theatre

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