Using AI from Nvidia to Enhance Teleprompter Video

Nvidia’s AI video technology, specifically the Eye Contact feature in Nvidia Broadcast, has revolutionized our video production at Vidionix. By enabling subjects to maintain direct engagement with the audience, the improvement in viewer engagement and perceived professionalism is immediately noticeable. However, it’s important to remember that while the teleprompter enhances visual impact, the quality of the script remains paramount. As Ron Burgundy famously said, people will read anything on the teleprompter, so let’s ensure our content impresses as much as the unwavering gaze of our subjects.

The Challenge of Maintaining Direct Eye Contact for AI

Direct eye contact in videos fosters a sense of connection and credibility between the speaker and the audience. However, achieving this effect can be challenging when a teleprompter is involved. Viewers can often detect the subtle eye movements of a person reading, which can detract from the intended impact of direct engagement.

Nvidia Broadcast’s Eye Contact: Our Game-Changer

Enter Nvidia Broadcast’s Eye Contact feature, a tool designed to tackle this very issue. By leveraging AI, Eye Contact corrects the subject’s eye movements, ensuring they maintain natural eye contact with the camera. The result? A presentation that rivals that of a professional newscaster, regardless of the speaker’s experience with teleprompters.

Our Innovative Workflow

To harness this technology, we adopted a creative workflow. First, we created an initial edit of our footage and exported the file. This file was then streamed through OBS (Open Broadcast Software) to Nvidia Broadcast via a virtual camera. Capturing and recording the output through a second instance of OBS, we achieved our final product: footage where the subject consistently maintains eye contact with the viewer.

The Impact

The difference is striking. In our example video, the original footage is displayed on the left (Eye Control off), and the processed video with Eye Contact enabled is on the right. The improvement in engagement and perceived professionalism is immediately apparent.

The Power of AI and Vidionix.

Nvidia Broadcast’s Eye Contact feature has set a new standard in our video production at Vidionix. It’s not just about the eyes; it’s about enhancing the connection between speaker and viewer, one frame at a time.

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