4 Reasons Why Virtual Events Will Remain Popular Post-Pandemic

It’s hard for most of us to remember exactly how life was before the COVID-19 pandemic, but virtual (and hybrid) events were becoming increasingly popular before the pandemic. Modern technology made it easier and more cost effective, and most event planners were beginning to embrace the benefits well before “15 days to slow the spread” was announced.

But will they remain relevant in the post-pandemic world? We think so, and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Virtual Events are Scalable

Hosting virtual events allow you to reach a wider audience by removing the logistical barriers of travel, including associated costs and time. Virtual events make scaling things such as event design, attendee capacity, networking rooms, etc., simple and easy, freeing up more time to focus on creating engaging content and event engagement.

2. Cost Savings

Planning an in-person event for hundreds or thousands of attendees is expensive, and it requires a great deal of resources. Flights, hotels, meals and other expenses add up quickly. Hosting a virtual event is a fraction of those costs and event planners are beginning to realize that hosting a virtual event allows them to dedicate more of their time into creating a memorable experience for the virtual attendees.

3. Better Value for Sponsors

This might surprise you when you think about the fact that sponsors don’t have a booth or a physical venue to interact with attendees but hear us out. During a virtual event, sponsors can connect with attendees virtually at any time. Most event platforms offer ways for sponsors to get in front of virtual attendees through the event platform itself or virtual social communities, providing more valuable interaction experiences.

4. Better Interaction for Attendees

While most people prefer attending in-person events, the overwhelming majority of event planners we’ve worked with tell us that they actually experience more interaction with virtual and hybrid events because it provides the attendees with an opportunity to not only interact with each other but also enjoy it the way they want it.

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